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1861 Census Somerset

RG 9/1679
1861 Census Timsbury Somerset P214 RG9/1679

George Heal Head Marr 36y Engine Driver born Paulton, Somerset

Thurza? Heal Wife Marr 33y born Paulton, Somerset

Celia Heal Dau Unm 13y born Paulton, Joseph Heal Son 11y Scholar born Paulton

Moses Heal, Son 7y born, Scholar Timsbury, Elijah Heal Son 9y Scholar born Timsbury

Louanh? Heal Dau 5y born Timsbury , Ormand? Heal Son 1y born Timsbury


Census 1861 Page 299 1679 High Littleton

James Hall Head Married 65y Retired Blacksmith born Paulton

Mary Hall Wife 50y born High Littleton


1861 Census High Street Paulton P280 RG 9/1679

Charles Heal Head Married 24y Coal Miner born Paulton

Eliza Heal, Wife Marr 23y born Paulton

Sarah Heal, Dau 2y born Paulton


1861 Census Newtown, Paulton P294 RG9/1679

William Heal  Marr Head  61y Coal Miner born Paulton

Hester Heal, Wife 61y born Paulton


1861 Census Newtown, Paulton P302 RG 9/1679

Julia Heal Head Widow 48y born Camerton

Elizabeth Heal Dau 13y Scholar born Paulton

Thomas Heal Son 11y Scholar born Paulton


1861 Census Plummers Hill, Paulton, P324 RG9/1679

Lydia Heal Head Widow 74y b Witham Friary


1861 Census Clutton P17  RG9/1679

John Hall or Hale aged 49y born Chewstoke

And family


1861 Census Clutton P37  RG9/1679

Louisa Hurn Head Widow 47y Field Labourer born Clutton

Rosanna Hale Dau Marr 26y born Clutton

Joseph Hale Grandson aged 4y born Monmouthshire

RG 9/1704


1861 Census 3 Regart Street Bedminster  P191 RG9/1704

James Heale, head marri 65y Fish Seller born ?Wich St Laurence

Eliza Heale age 44y born Middlesex London

Elizabeth Heale 18y born Weston Super?, Emma Heale 15y born Congresbury


1861 Census 23 Regent St  Bedminster 1704 p197

Rachel Hale or Hall  Widow Seamstress age 53y born Bristol

Ann Hale Dau age 30 Seamstress born Bristol,Ellen Hale Dau age 28y seamstress born Bristol

Jane Hale Dau age 25y born Bristol


1861 Census   Bedminster 1704 p201

John Hall Head Marr 33y born Bristol

Wife Mary and family


1861 Census No 3 Spring Street, Bedminster 1704 P224

Eliza Hall Wife Widow age 35y born Gloucester

Sarah Ann Hale aged 7 born Bristol,   Francis R Hale son 5y born Gloucester

Anne Marie age 4m born Gloucester

RG 9/1708

1861 Census   Parish of  Moorside, Backwell  RG9/1708 p91

Isaac Hall Grandson 3y born Somerset, Backash

Grandson of George Ettle


1861 Census Common, Backwell, Somerset P92 RG9/1708

Jesse Hale Head Married 40y Railway Employee born Shipham

Dorcas Hale, Wife b Gloucester

Jesse Hale Son 13y Scholar born Shipham, Harriet Hale Dau 10y born Shipham

George Hale Son 8y born Shipham, Matilda Hale 3y born Backwell

James Hale Son 1y Born Backwell

1861 Census Common, Flax Burton , Somerset P110 RG9/1708

James Heall Head Marr 49y born Nailsea?

Hester Heall Wife 47y born Gloucestershire, Bristol 

George Heall 21y Ag Labourer born Flax Bourton, Mary Heall 18y born Flax Bourton

1861 Census Wraxall P128 RG9/1708

John Day Head marr 46y Miller born Nailsea

And family


RG 9/1710


1861 Census Nailsea P23 RG9/1710

John Heall??  Marr Head 60y Labourer at Quarry born Nailsea

And family


1861 Census Nailsea RG9/1710

Wm Heal Head Marr 80y General Labourer born Nailsea

Sarah Heal Wife 75y born Nailsea



RG 9/1696

1861 Census 44 Street, Kingston Seymour

Michael Hale aged 25y Head Labourer born Kingston Seymour

Helana Hale aged 20y Wife born  North Petherton

(no children)


Census 1861 67 Street, Kingston Seymour, Somersetshire

Hale Edmund Head 62y Agric. Labourer born Kingston Seymour

Hale Hester Wife aged 61y born Ubley, Somersetshire

Hale  James son Umar 27y Argic Labourer born Kingston Seymour

Pain George Lodger 17y Agric Labourer born Culson???

1861 Census 5 Keniston? Bleadon, Somersetshire

Hale Nehemiah Marr, Head aged 39y Ag Labourer born Kingston Seymour

Hale Mary Wife aged 37y born Cannington

Hale Charlotte Dau 12y born Hutton, Somerset, Hale John son 9y born Hutton,somerset,

Hale Jane dau 5y born Hutton, Somerset, Hale Mary dau 3y born Hutton, Somerset


1891 Census Bleedon, Somerset Oldmison

Nememiah Hale, Head, 66y, Farm Labourer, born Worle

Mary Ann Hale, wife, 65y born Bridgewater

1861 Census Kingston Seymour, Somerset.

Sarah Hale, Head, Marr, 37y Formerly Labourers Wife, Pauper born Weston

George Hale Son aged 11y born Kingston Seymour

Mark Hale aged 5y son born KS

William Hale 4y Son born KS


Census house of Robert Jones, Kingston Seymour

Oliver Hale, Single Unmarr 16y Domestic Servant born Kingston Seymour


RG 9/1602

1861 Census Cutcombe P215 RG9/1602

Thomas Hales Head Marr 44y Ag Labourer born Kings Brompton

Martha Hales Wife 40y born Selworthy

Thomas 9, Martha 6, John 4 all born Cutcombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P158 RG9/1602

George Hale Head Marr 48y Luxborough

Elizabeth Hale, Wife Marr, 44y b Timberscombe

George 12, Eliza 10, Thomas 7, Harriet 5u all born Timberscombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P159 RG9/1602

Samuel Hale Head Marr 64y born Kings Brompton, Devon

Alice Hale Wife 78y born Timberscombe

Eliza Hale Lodger 6y Unmarr born Timberscombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P160 RG9/1602 home of Thomas Patmore

Ann Hale Servant Unmarr 15y House Maid born Cutcombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P163 RG9/1602

William Hale/Hole Head Widower 83y Pauper born Timberscombe

Abraham Hale Servant 17y Cordwainer born Timberscombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P165 RG9/1602

John Hale Head Marr 41y Ag Labourer born Exton

Eliza Hale Wife 35y born Timberscombe

James 14, Martha 11, Alice 8, Jane 4, John 2, Mary Ann 2months all born Timberscombe


1861 Census Timberscombe P166 RG9/1602

John Hale Lodger Unmarr 61y Ag Labourer born Timberscombe


Many HOLE families at Luxborough


RG 9/1675

1861 Census The Lane Shipham P16 RG9/1675

Grace Heal, Head Widow, 72y Labourers Wife born Shipham

Bertha Day, Grandau 9y bShipham


The Lane Shipham

Edward Heal, Head Marr 33y Lead Smelter born Shipham

Eliza Heal Wife 29y born Shipham

Edward Wm  3y, Alfred James 1y


The Lane, Shipham

William Heal, Head Marr 22y Labourer born Shipham

Harriett Heal Wife 21y born Churchill\


1861 Census 12 The Lane Shipham P17 RG9/1675

Josiah Heal Head marr 55y Labourer born Shipham

Matilda Heal Wife Marr 46y born Shipham

Son George 15y, Labourer, Dau Mary 6y scholar, Dau Sarah 1y all born Shipham


1861 Census 17 The Lane Shipham P18 RG9/1675

Job Heal  Head Marr 46y Ag Labourer born Shipham

Harriet Heal Marr 46y born Shipham

Job 16y Labourer, James 11y Scholar   both born Shipham


1861 Census 22 The Lane Shipham P19 RG9/1675

Jacob Heal Head Marr 69y Labourer born Shipham

Ann Heal Wife 62y born Shipham


Beluna Pitts

Mary Heal   Head Widow 71y Labourer & Dealer born Shipham


1861 Census 5 Centre, Shipham P21 RG9/1675

Simon Heal, Head Marr, 54y Labourer, born Shipham

Hannah Heal, Wife 45y born Shipham

Hester 23y, Joseph 13y Labourer, Eliza 13y scholar, Hannah 10y, Phebe 18y, Simon 5, Alfred 2

All born Shipham


Ann Heal grandau of Samuel Day aged 23y  Unmarr born Shipham


1861 Census 1 Hollow Rd, Shipham P22 RG9/1675

Simon Heal Head Marr 42y Ag Labourer born Shipham

Sarah Heal Wife 37y born Winscombe

John 12y Ag Lab, Caroline 10y Scholar, Amelia 8y Scholar, Sophia 6y scholar, Phillip 2y, Isaac 10 months,  all born Shipham


Ann Heal   Head   Widow, 86y Shopkeeper born Ashwick

Ann Heal , Grandau , 6y Scholar, born Backwell


1861 Census 8 Hollow Rd, Shipham P23 RG9/1675

Sarah Heal   Head Widow 70y born Shipham

James Heal Son, 24y Labourer born Shipham,,Eliza Heal, Dau in Law 42y, Wife, born Shipham

Charlotte Heal, Grandau 8months born Shipham


1861 Census Rowberrow, P44 RG6/1675

George Heal  Head Widower, 70y Ag Labourer, born Rowberrow

Thomas Heal Son, Age 18, Unm, Labourer born Rowberrow


1861 Census Rowberrow, P44 RG6/1675

Fanny Heal  Head Widow, 50y Retail Coal Dealer, born Rowberrow

Joseph Heal Son, Age 24, Unm, Ag Labourer born Rowberrow

James Heal, Son Age 20y Unm, Ag Labou, born Rowberrow

Flower Heal, Dau 18y born Rowberrow, Richard Heal Son 11y scholar born Rowberrow

John Heal Son, 15y Lead Miner born Rowberrow


Page 103 Mugglesworth


1861 Census Winscombe Hill, Winscombe, P119 RG6/1675

William Heal  Head Marr 51y Ag Labourer, born Shipham

Ann Heal Wife 48y born Hunspill

Ellen 17, Rebecca 14y, Lana 11y, Eliza 8y


1861 Census, Winscombe, P152 RG6/1675

Thomas Heal head Marr 53y  Retired Farmer born Bridgewater

Ann Heal Wife 59y Marr born Walton


RG 9/1680

1861 Census, Camerton, P210 RG6/1680

Henry Heal Head Marr 55y  Blacksmith born High Littleton

Harriet Heal Wife 50y born Camerton, Emma Heal Dau 20y born Camerton

Aquita Tille Granddau 4y born Camerton


1861 Census, Camerton, P211 RG6/1680

David Heal   Ldoger Unmarr 33y Coal Miner born ?


1861 Census, Camerton, P258/9 RG6/1680

James Heal Head marr 48y Coal Miner born Camerton

Eliza Heal Wife 44y born Timsbury

George 19y Coal Miner, Mary Ann 18y, Thursa 16y, William 14y Coal Miner, Thomas 12y Scholar

Job 10y, Joseph 8y, Maria 5y, Lacey 2y    all born Camerton


John B Heal  Head marr 44y Labourer born Timsbury

Susan Heal Wife born East Harptree 40y

Elizabeth R 13y, George 11y, Son Francis 8y, Henry 4y, Sarah A 10 months all born Camerton

Betty Roberts, Mother in law Widow 65y born East Harptree


1861 Census, Camerton, P263 RG6/1680

George Heal, Head Marr 43y Coal Miner, born Camerton

Joyce Heal, Wife 39y, born Camerton

John 19y Coal Miner, Moses 17y Coal Miner, Joseph 12y Coal Miner, Ann 7y all born Camerton


1861 Census, Camerton, P266 RG6/1680

Joseph Head  Head Marr 35y Coal Miner born Camerton

Nancy Heal, Wife, 33y born Mids Norton

George Heal, Son 11y born Camerton


William Heal,  Head, Marr 65y Labourer at Coal Pit born Ashwick

Racheal Heal , Wife 65y born Camerton

Phebe Heal 18y,   Aaron 15y Coal Miner  both born Camerton


 1861 Census, Midsommer Norton, P159 RG6/1680

John Heal  Head marr 45y Coal Miner born Lypiatt?,

Harriett Heal Wife 46y Midsomer Norton

Uriah Heal 19y Coal Miner, Elizabeth 16y Scholar, John 14y Coal Miner, Joseph 8y Scholar

William 3y Scholar,   all born Midsomer Norton


1861 Census, Chapel Row, Midsomer Norton, P185 RG6/1680

Jane Heal Head Widow  60y   born Midsomer NortonHeaH

Charles, Son 23y Coal Miner, William 21y Coal Miner, Louisa 18y all born Midsomer Norton


1861 Census,, Midsomer Norton, P186 RG6/1680

John Heal  Head Marr 28y Engine Driver born Camerton

Ann Heal Marr 31y born Midsomer Norton

Emma Heal Dau 1y born Midsomer Norton



RG 9/1677

1861 Census,, Comptin Martin, P48 RG6/1677

Sarah Heal Grandau to Mary Gait age 19y Unmarr Dom Serv born West Harptree

Alfred Heal Great grandson 2y born Clutton Union


1861 Census, West Harptree, P92 RG6/1677

Isaac Heal  Head Widower 63y Ag Labourer born Shepton Mallet

Thomas Heal, Son 23y Sawyer born West Harptree


1861 Census, West Harptree, P95 RG6/1677

Elizabeth Heal Servant 15y house Servant born East Harptree


1861 Census, East Harptree, P124 RG6/1677

James Heal   Marr Head 43y Labourer born East Harptree

Hannah Heal Wife 36y born Ireland

William Son Unm 14y, Emma Dau 10y Scholar, George Son 6y scholar, Joseph Son 4y scholar, Louisa Dau 2y  all born East Harptree


1861 Census, East Harptree, P125 RG6/1677

William Heal Boarder Unmarr 18y Labourer born East Harptree


1861 Census, East Harptree, P127 RG6/1677

William Heal  Head Marr 49y Labourer B East Harptree

Fanny Heal Wife  38y born East Harptree

William Son 16y, Mary Dau 12y, Martha Dau 9y, George Son 5y, James Son 1y all born East Harptree



RG 9/1659  no Hale or Heal


All entries contributed by JUDY HALL of Australia.

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